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LYBA Local League Rules
2016 Season
(Amended March 23, 2016)

LYBA is affiliated with Nations Baseball
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General Rules (All Ages)

  • Practices can begin after completion of your age groups draft.  Coaches are responsible for finding their own practice fields.  NO REGULAR SEASON PRACTICE ON LYBA COMPLEX FIELDS.

  • Regular season games will not count.  A tournament at the end of the season will determine the winner and runner-up (except T-ball).

  • No pre-game team or individual warm-ups on any LYBA field that you are not immediately scheduled to play on.

  • Batting cages are open all game days on a first come-first served basis.  No reservations.  Teams must follow posted batting cage rules or they will be removed from the cages.

  • No more than a combined total of four (4) practices and/or games per week.

  • Team hats and shirts may not be altered. (Example: Player names on hats and/or shirts). Altered hats and/or shirts must be replaced at player expense.

  • Umpires will keep official game time.

  • The home team will maintain the official scorebook and the visiting team will operate the scoreboard, if score is kept.

  • If the batter fakes a bunt and then swings at the ball (full swing or slash), the batter is out and the runners cannot advance.  This protects fielders charging in to field a bunt.

  • If in the UMPIRES JUDGEMENT a runner from 3rd is stealing home and the batter swings the bat, the runner is out, the batter is out, and the 3rd base coach is ejected.  The batter MUST bunt or take the pitch.
  • No full-speed head-first slides into base if the helmet the player is wearing has a face mask (back to base on pick-offs excepted). Runner will be called out.

  • If a coach or player is ejected from a game, he/she is ineligible to coach or play in the next scheduled game (1 game suspension).  The suspended coach or player will not be allowed in the LYBA Baseball Complex during their suspension.   Upon a second ejection, the coach or player will be suspended for the remainder of the season and will not be eligible for All Stars. 

  • Teams playing the first game of the day will be responsible for setting up the field for play (removing field covers, chalking batters boxes, painting foul lines, installing scoreboard controller).

  • Teams playing the last game of the day will be responsible for cleaning up their own dugout. The visiting team will be responsible for raking fields, replacing field covers (if available), storing scoreboard controller in weather-proof storage and picking up trash on the fields, in the dugouts, stands and areas adjacent to the field; bagging trash and setting it out for disposal.  Any coach not performing these duties will be suspended for one (1) game.

  • All suspensions may be appealed to the Competition Committee
    To allow time for fact-finding and consideration by the Competition Committee, appeals must be directed to the Competition Committee by the team’s Head Coach not less than two (2) days before the coach or player’s next scheduled game.   If the coach or player’s next scheduled game is less than two (2) days from date of suspension, the Competition Committee must be notified by team’s Head Coach immediately after the game in which the suspension occurred.

  • There will be a different set of rules for the end of the season tournament for pitching in the 9-14 age groups.


  •  LYBA will provide Game Balls ONLY!!!.  No practice balls.